Digital editing– research– archiving


Open source tools and services support humanistic scholars during the entire process of research, especially in digital scholarly editing.



The long-term research data archive offers safe storing, publishing and researching versatile digital material (XML/TEI formatted text and images), e.g. in the Digital Library of TextGrid.



An online help, tutorials, mailing lists, a bug tracker and the source code enable users and developers to quickly start working with TextGrid.


TextGrid - a sustainable research environment

TextGrid - a sustainable research environment

TextGrid is a virtual research environment for the humanities that is optimised for working with TEI-coded resources and covers the entire research process up to publication. The service consists of the TextGrid Lab, a flexible application for individual and collective work on text resources, and the TextGrid Repository, a resource database and platform for exchange and publication. TextGrid has been offered by the supporting institutions of DARIAH-DE since 2015 and is an essential part of the services of CLARIAH-DE. It is being further developed within the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI).

Would you like to develop a research project in the humanities, e.g. a digital edition, with TextGrid? Please feel free to contact us: anfragen@textgrid.de.

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