Architecture and Standards


Architecture and Standards

Architecture and Standards


Owing to the modular architecture based on open sources the service-driven TextGrid infrastructure allows a high level of interoperability.


TextGrid provides a platform that comprises numerous tools in one research infrastructure. The complete scientific workflow should be included: from collecting and generating of primary data through editions and publications. By TextGrid an open and easy access to a growing amount of scientific resources is available.

Open source

TextGrid is an open source-project. All of the tools and most of the content is freely available and documented. Consequently all scientist can be part of the developing community.

Open standards

TextGrid is based on open standards (data format, interfaces, protocols etc.) and enables the exchange and re-use of data and tools.


TextGrid builds on the XML-based database system eXist. Therefore the markup language XML and the data format TEI are supported. They have proved themselves as international standard for the text technological analysis of humanistic contents, especially of the linguistics and the edition philology.

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